Ren Zhengfei: Apple is rich but too conservative, Huawei has no money but crazy investment

As a leader of Huawei, at the forum in May this year, Ren Zhengfei and many Fellow held a forum, at the meeting Ren Zhengfei expressed a lot of questions on the development of Huawei.

11211219982387 Huawei’s positioning, Ren Zhengfei said, Huawei to do a pipeline operating system, the following operation of the pipeline, the middle of the platform is the network integration, but also the ability to open, all the content in turn, to achieve the three-point pipeline,
Two points through a transfer point can be connected.
Pipeline operating system does not touch the content, do not touch the data, not the establishment of two concrete sandwich wall to the source.
In the process of supporting others, we must fully understand the customer needs, including the content provided by the other party needs.
Ren Zhengfei said, Huawei does not touch the military, do not touch the secret, private enterprises to abide by the copies.
For VR, Ren Zhengfei that the current technology is not perfect, no company can solve the problem of delay, Huawei and AR for the current VR will focus on the basic areas of research, fish in troubled waters, only the strong can touch the fish.
If you are not capable, it is picking up the fish, even the shoals.
11219988712112881121128811511219982387 Apple iPhone sales decline, Ren Zhengfei that the terminal is the most human civilization needs a display, there will be no future, but now we are not enough investment, not fully grasp the opportunity of human social development.
Apple is very rich, but too conservative; Huawei no money, but pretend to be as crazy as the rich investment.
If Apple did not dare to vote, we can only follow us, Huawei will become as rich as Apple.


Lei Jun for the red rice Pro rally: true national phone!

(Millet) notebook, and these days, millet official is also kept for the red rice Pro rally, especially the invitation of the three big, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States,
Spokesperson turns cooking.
“This year, red rice and red rice Note are in the international community won the heavyweight award.”…………. ..
Red rice phone, national mobile phone, worthy of the name.

mentioned here heavyweight international awards, referring to the red rice 2 won the GSMA World Communications Conference Best Economic Phone Award, Red Rice Note 3 won the GSMA Asia Communications Conference Best Economic Mobile Award.

red rice Pro is defined as the flagship of the red rice series, with metal fuselage, dual cameras, ten nuclear processors and other relatively high-end configuration, the price is expected to create a new high, it can become a new national mobile phone?

PS: the name of the wording is wrong, it should be worthy of the name.

PS2: millet notebook so far only broke the news, the official never publicly mentioned, it does not seem to value the ah & hellip; & hellip;


Appearance changes too small pass this year iPhone will be renamed the iPhone 6SE

According to the technology website AppleInsider reports, the latest rumors that, because the appearance is not changed, this year’s iPhone may not be able to use the iPhone 7 the name, on the contrary, it will be the same time, it will be the iPhone,
Named for iPhone 6SE.
According to foreign media reported that Apple has begun to print with the iPhone 6SE words of the packaging, but now there is no box exposure, so this rumor is still unable to confirm.

According to Apple’s tradition, iPhone every two years will change a look, so its small upgrade version has been S as a suffix.
However, the exposure of the rumors that this year’s iPhone may continue to use the iPhone 6 era of design, Apple’s update cycle is extended to 3 years.

If the rumors are true, it is not unexpected, after all, this year has been a precedent for iPhone SE.
In addition, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the birth of the iPhone, the industry generally believe that Apple will launch a truly innovative iPhone next year, the machine will be replaced with an all-glass shell and the first use of OLED screen.

Although the name is temporarily unable to determine, but broke the news of God said that the aircraft will be officially released on September 12, September 16 officially on sale.
(Translation / Lu Jiahui)

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The first half of the most acclaimed mobile phone iPhone 6s Plus ranked first

iPhone 6S Plus

2016 Nian Shang Ban Nian Yi Jing Guo Qu Jiang Jin Yi Ge Yue De Shi Jian , Zai Guo Qu 6 Ge Yue De Shi Jian Li , Na Kuan Shou Ji Shi Guo Ren Hao Ping Lv Zui Gao De ? Dui Ci , Guo Nei Ji Gou An Tu Tu Ping Ce Fa Bu Le Zui Xin Bao Gao 。 Zai An Tu Tu Ping Ce Fa Bu De 2016 Nian Shang Ban Nian Hao Ping Zui Gao Shou Ji Top 10 Bang Chan Zhong , Wo Men Kan Dao Lai Zi Ping Guo De iPhone 6s Plus Pai Ming Ju Shou , Ji Hao Ping Lv Gao Da 96.10%, Shi Bang Chan Zhong Hao Ping Lv Wei Yi Chao Guo 90% De Shou Ji Xing Hao 。

Mo Lun Shi Zai Guo Nei Hai Shi Guo Wai , San Xing Qi Jian Yi Zhi Dou Shi iPhone De Jiang Li Jing Zheng Dui Shou 。 Zai Jin Tian Zhe Yi Fen Bang Chan Shang , San Xing Qi Xia Galaxy S7 Edge Yi 82.70% De Hao Ping Lv Pai Zai Di Er Wei 。 Shi Ji Shang ,Galaxy S7 Edge He iPhone 6s Plus Shi Jin You De Liang Kuan Hao Ping Lv Chao Guo 80% De Shou Ji 。 Sheng Xia De 3-10 Wei Fen Bie Shi : Xiao Mi Max、 Mei Zu Pro 5、 Hua Wei Mate 8、ZUK Z2 Pro、VivoX6S、 Gong Mi Note 3、 Xiao Mi 5 He OPPO R9。

Shu Ju Lai Yuan An Tu Tu

Yu iPhone 6s Plus Tong Shi Shang Shi De iPhone 6s Bing Mei You Chu Xian Zai Zhe Fen Bang Chan Shang , Yi Wei Zhao Ta De Yong Hu Hao Ping Lv Bi Pai Zai Di Shi Wei De OPPO R9(49.01%) Hai Yao Di 。 Bu Guo , An Tu Tu Fang Mian Bing Mei You Dui Ci Jin Hang Diao Cha 。 Cong She Jiao Ping Tai Yi Ji Ping Guo Ji Shu Zhi Chi She Ou Suo Fan Ying De Qing Kuang Lai Kan ,iPhone 6s De Xu Hang Shi Yong Hu Zhi Ze Zui Duo De Que Dian Zhi Yi , Bu Zhi Dao Jin Nian De 4.7 Ying Cun iPhone 7 Neng Bu Neng Zai Xu Hang Zhe Fang Mian You Suo Di Sheng ?


Easy network was Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong 550 million US dollars strategic investment

(NYSE: BITA) today announced that the company and Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong formed a consortium to reach a final investment agreement, according to Yahoo! Finance reported that the easy network (NYSE: BITA) announced today that the company and Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong formed a consortium to reach a final investment agreement.
Under the agreement, Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong will be a subsidiary of the car network, its auto financing platform – Yi Xin Capital for a total of 550 million US dollars strategic investment.

After the completion of the transaction, easy car network will hold about 47% stake in Yi Xin Capital, with the majority of the voting rights of the board.
Future easy car network will continue to consolidate the financial situation of Yi Xin capital.
The data portfolio, users and funds of the three major investors, such as Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong, will help Yi Xin Capital to carry out more accurate and more efficient credit assessment, while enhancing its financial products for customers and
The ability to serve.
At the same time Yi Xin Capital will also benefit from the three major investors a wide range of user resources to help Yi Xin capital to enhance customer reputation and brand awareness.
“We are pleased to announce today that we have received a new round of investment from strategic partners such as Tencent, Baidu and Jingdong, the world’s leading companies,” said Li Bin, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Easy Car.
We believe that with the strong support of partners, Yi Xin Capital will be in the Chinese online car financing market for long-term success.
(Compiled / if water)


5999 yuan! Jingdong pre – sale Samsung Galaxy Note 7

just in the beginning, Samsung officially released a new generation of large-screen benchmarking flagship machine: Galaxy Note 7.

appearance, using a similar S7 Edge of the curved surface design, but the surface amplitude is not so steep.
screen for the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED, resolution 2560 × 1440, screen accounted for 80.94%, higher than Note 5 76.62%, S7 Edge 76.09%.
A total of 169 grams, weighing 169 grams, to provide gold, silver, black, coral blue four styles.
Mobile phones and S Pen handwriting are supported IP68 waterproof and dustproof, can be in the 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes.
(Also sorry for the Xiaolong 821 / Exynos 8893), memory dual-channel 4GB LPDDR4
, storage 64GB UFS 2.0 and support the expansion, the battery capacity
3500mAh, support for fast charging, and the first equipped with a USB Type-C interface.

rear camera continues the S7 series on the 12 million pixel sensor to support dual pixel detection technology, pixel size 1.4 micron, aperture F1.7, focal length 26 mm, support optical image stabilization, while the front or 500 million pixels.
1121998871411219911111219982387 Jingdong many third-party sellers began selling Galaxy Note 7, and its 64GB version of the pre-sale price of 5999 yuan.

It should be noted that this price is not officially announced by Samsung, the reference before the Galaxy Note series of pricing, the final note 7 price should be slightly lower than the 5999 yuan.


Ancient solar galaxies appear or have life more ancient than billions of years

117 light years outside the ancient solar system, the earth called it grandpa.
Looking for alien life, hooked alien civilization, has always been what we expect, and a more than 100 billion years ago, the discovery of the planetary system is likely to bring us a different dawn.
This galaxy is not just a planet similar to our planet, but also more than one, greatly increased the possibility of existence.
Not only that, there are still many ancient galaxies in the universe waiting for us to discover.
The Earth’s age is 4.6 billion years, and the birth of the solar system is almost the same period, the British University of Birmingham scientists announced that the discovery of a 11.2 billion years of history of the planetary system, from our only 117 light-years.. ?? ?? ..
In the distance of the universe, 117 light years are very close, more importantly, the system found inside five similar to the size of the planet planet.
According to the age of mankind, 46 is almost middle-aged, then 112 is equivalent to Grandpa’s father, the scientists named the system Kepler-444, formed in the 11.2 billion years ago the original gas cloud.

may have extraterrestrial civilizations

112 million years is a very old age, scientists from the University of Birmingham found that the star Kepler-444 exist within the five planets, guess its internal terrestrial planets have superior intelligence extraterrestrial civilization, the discovery may provide
Alien evidence of the existence of alien life.
Kepler-444 Stellar Five Planets Inside the Mercury and Venus Diameter, there is a rock planet, similar to the Earth, and of course this is a rough estimate of the data, they may be larger than the Earth’s diameter, may also be slightly smaller.
The history of the universe is about 13.7 billion years, we found that 11.2 billion-year-old planet is very old, which will explore the discovery of the ancient life of the Milky Way to provide an important clue.
The scientists have been searching for terrestrial planets. Kepler-444 stars are found to mean that we have found hope that other planetary planets are hopeful that terrestrial planets are difficult to observe and future astronomical observations will change the situation.
Scientists believe that the planet lives a few billion years ago, and if Kepler-444’s internal stars have life, they have evolved into a very advanced stage, but they may also perish.
This star is 25% smaller than the sun, the temperature is lower than the sun 700 degrees Celsius, basically close to the sun, due to the lack of iron elements, terrestrial planets in the early days of the universe more common, scientists found.
The star system in the most internal planetary volume is similar to Mercury, the middle of three planets similar to Mars, the outermost one planet smaller than Venus smaller.
It has been found that the oldest extrasolar planets are psr b 1620-26 b, which has been 12 billion years old.
When our sun was born five billion years ago, it existed for seven billion years.
The planet, which is called the Marshalla planet in extrasolar planets, is 12400 light-years away from the Earth. At present, it is difficult for astronomers to determine whether the human eye can observe its pulsed stars at night to illuminate the gaseous planet.
The planets are discovered by the pulsar timing method, located in the Scorpio constellation, 12400 light years from the Earth, belonging to the giant gaseous planet.
Psr b 1620-26 b The planets are located in a soft, space-constricted area surrounded by a star cluster of Messier4, which has a binary system, which is very close to a spherical star cluster.

At present, the binary system is slowly running towards the core of the spherical star cluster, which may cause it to collide with nearby stars.
Eventually, the planet is likely to be pop-up binary system, roaming in the interstellar space.

1121998871311211219982387112199887111128871111219982387 Once ten billion years ago on the planet like the earth or the existence of the wisdom of the body, we have to think about these more than we exist there are less than one billion years of wisdom creatures in the end to the development of what extent,
For us will not be a threat.
In fact, not only that, any of the old galaxies are worth our attention, dangerous everywhere.


AIDS, hepatitis B patients big heavenly gospel! Chinese scientists have made radical breakthroughs

(Xinhua) recently published in the Third Military Medical University led the original research results, revealed a group of new CD8 T cell subclass, to clarify its mechanism to inhibit viral replication.
This finding helps to understand the key link of chronic viral infection and provides new possibilities for eradicating chronic viral infections such as HIV and hepatitis B.

In the international academic community, Nature and Science, Cell and known as the three top science and technology magazine (referred to as CNS).
The study, led by the Third Military Medical University, was launched in early 2013. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology,
Previous studies have found that in acute viral infection, specific CD8 T cells through the virus-infected cells, the secretion of antiviral cytokines to effectively remove the virus, the virus,
However, in the process of chronic viral infection, virus-specific CD8 T cells have shown that the medical profession known as the phenomenon of functional depletion.
CD8 T cells at this time is not unable to identify the virus, the number did not how to reduce, like the police encountered a group of criminals, the gun should not start firing weapons.
He said.
It is generally believed that CD8 T cells almost completely lose the function of removing the virus, but the study found that, in the process of chronic viral infection, although CD8 T cells appear dysfunction, the virus is still maintained at a relatively low level, no
In a short period of time the outbreak, therefore, CD8 T cells have lost their views on the lack of persuasion.

The team finally found that functional depletion of CD8 T cells still have a certain anti-viral function, and to a large extent control the virus replication.

original, a new group of CD8 T cell sub-type plays a key role, the group called CXCR5 positive CD8 T cells .

In this study, the research group also identified Id2 / E2A cell signaling axis is to generate the
Subgroups of an important regulatory factor.
It is reported that the current treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, cancer and other chronic viral infection caused by the disease, the chemical drugs can only inhibit the virus to a certain extent, can not be completely eradicated.
Professor Ye Lilin pointed out: through a certain means to increase and stabilize this type of CD8 T cells can enhance its ability to remove the virus.
This provides a new possibility for fundamentally healing these diseases.

Professor Ye Lilin said that the next step, they will follow this new research strategy, the research results applied to HIV and cancer immunotherapy research, to explore these two world-class medical problems possible solutions and pathways.
It is understood that Tsinghua University, Fudan University and other institutions of the researchers also participated in the study, the Third Military Medical University Professor Wu Yuzhang and Tsinghua University Professor Qi Hai is the author of the co-communication author, the first author was the third
Military Medical University doctoral students, eight-year students Liu Cheng and Tsinghua University doctoral Hou Shiyue.


High-end domestic mobile phone rise patent “harvester” Qualcomm benefits

With the domestic mobile phone share in the high-end market to further enhance, as baseband chip manufacturing and mobile communications patent dual-boss Qualcomm also action, patented harvester recently non-stop operation.

Recently, Qualcomm announced with Vivu Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. (vivo) to reach a new 3G and 4G China Patent License Agreement.
Under the terms of the agreement, Qualcomm grants vivo to develop, manufacture and sell paid patent licenses for 3G WCDMA and CDMA2000 and 4G LTE (including three-mode GSM, TD-SCDMA and LTE-TDD) complete devices used in China.
Since the beginning of last year, the Development and Reform Commission issued a high-pass antitrust investigation results, Qualcomm and Chinese mobile phone manufacturers a new round of patent licensing negotiations to restart, including Huawei, Lenovo, millet, including mobile phone manufacturers have signed a patent agreement with Qualcomm.
With the signing of the OPPO, vivo patent agreement, marking the Chinese mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have signed a licensing agreement with Qualcomm, Qualcomm patent license in China after the entry into the antitrust stage.
Mobile Alliance Secretary-General Wang Yanhui on the “First Financial Daily” reporter said.
From the first half of this year, domestic mobile phones in the domestic market and global market share continues to expand.
Global research firm IDC data show that, in terms of shipments, Huawei, OPPO and vivo have been squeezed into the world’s top five, another research company TrendForce report shows that the second quarter of the three manufacturers of the market share has occupied the Chinese market 44.1%
Of the share, and in the high-end domestic mobile phone market outstanding performance.
Wang Yanhui that this round of high-pass patent signed behind the refraction is also a domestic mobile phone in the high-end market and a second-tier cities collective rise.

mainstream manufacturers handshake

mobile communications industry, as chip giant Qualcomm gave a sign of the industry’s deepest impression, which is located in San Diego (San Diego) headquarters, the side walls hung with more than 1,000 patent certificate.
But the number of patents on the wall show, less than the entire Qualcomm patent pool 1/10, which also created Qualcomm in the mobile phone industry pivotal position.

As in the field of 3G, 4G communications has a strong patent layout, coupled with almost monopoly Android mobile phone camp high-end chip market, regardless of whether the use of Qualcomm chips, smart phone manufacturers can not bypass Qualcomm patents.
At present, the patent license revenue and chip sales revenue together constitute the two pillars of high-pass revenue.
Alex Rogers, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Technology Licensing, said he was pleased with the collaboration with vivo, saying Qualcomm is committed to supporting China Wireless’s presence, “said a reporter on Aug. 8.
Industry is successful, and is pleased to be able to enter into a new licensing agreement with vivo on the basis of long-term cooperation.
“The company is a technology innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises, the protection of intellectual property rights with a high degree of recognition and respect, the patent license agreement will enable the institution to get Qualcomm latest technology.”….

According to report, Qualcomm 53% of revenue last year from the Chinese market, a considerable part of its profits from the technology license.
The company last year with the China Development and Reform Commission reached an antitrust settlement agreement, agreed to pay a fine of 975 million US dollars, and renegotiation agreement with Chinese customers.
At present, Qualcomm has signed licensing agreements with more than 100 mobile phone manufacturers in China, including Huawei and millet.

vivo the amount of very fast, especially in a second-tier cities, signed the agreement is also expected, Qualcomm is now almost all with the Chinese mainstream manufacturers signed an agreement.
Wang Yanhui told reporters that in this round of domestic mobile phone market share of the case of global blowout, Qualcomm is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries.
At present, the Apple mobile phone although the purchase of Qualcomm part of the baseband processor, but its core application processor, is still self-development, commissioned by Samsung Electronics and TSMC OEM manufacturing A series of processors.
While China’s large number of high-end mobile phone procurement Qualcomm’s Xiao Long processor.
Prior to the products in the X7X7Plus, Xplay5 and so high and have the depth of technical cooperation.
In the second quarter of this year, vivo in 12% of China’s market share for the first time squeezed into the top three, 7% higher than last year’s market share increased significantly.
And a week ago, OPPO signed a patent agreement with Qualcomm in the second quarter of 2016 smartphone shipments reached 15.2 million, accounting for 14% of China’s market share, an increase of 108%.

Patent price tag

Development and Reform Commission antitrust investigation of Qualcomm makes Qualcomm lost 30% of the patent income, but no patents licensed vendors before if from the overall income Qualcomm patents actually not much decline.
Wang Yanhui told reporters that in the past, many manufacturers for Qualcomm’s patent terms is not clear, but can only accept, and the rectification of the terms, although some companies claim that the complete abolition of the machine billing model distance, but Qualcomm also
Including concessions, including royalties, lower royalties and other concessions.
According to the new terms, Qualcomm will charge 5% for 3G devices (including multimode 3G / 4G devices) for 3G and 4G licenses for branded equipment used in China.
A 4G royalty for a 4G device (including a 3-mode LTE-TDD device) that performs CDMA or WCDMA network protocols charges a royalty of 65% for each device fee.
But compared to the more autonomous negotiation space, this year for the domestic mobile phone brand, to accept Qualcomm’s negotiation agreement, more or the awakening of patent value.

Obviously, the mobile phone market is from the price war to the value of war.
Which helps to improve the image of domestic mobile phones in the global market, but also to adapt to the Chinese economy to the innovative trend of economic transformation.
Booz & Company Managing Director Gong Bin told this reporter.

As we all know, in the past love to kill the international competition stage, Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, Apple’s mutual litigation is commonplace.
Batch of enterprises with fierce fighting, defeated, and even disappeared.
Apple has been in the global prosecution of Samsung, Motorola, HTC and other corporate patent infringement, an important criterion for selection, is the market share.
And these were sued of the big brother, each hand of the patent reserves are far more than the domestic brands several orders of magnitude.
While the domestic mobile phone is still low-cost low-profit market to survive, some manufacturers in Qualcomm’s free reverse authorization umbrella, to continue with the marketing-oriented business strategy.
But now in the era of change, consumers demand for the product is no longer stay in the price of the.

vivo For the sustainable competitive advantage of the construction, the most important point is to continue to consumer insight and research results as a starting point for product and technological innovation adhere to.
Keep the direction of the accurate and focused, technological innovation can focus and effective.
And the accuracy of this is more from the insight into the needs of consumers.
Vivo vice president Feng Lei had told reporters before.

to take pictures of R & D, for example, after the optical laboratory has worked with the United States Arcsoft company, the beauty of the X7 algorithm innovation, to create the second generation of complex eye anti-shake and night enhancement algorithm.
And Qualcomm’s cooperation is allowed to take pictures in the night mode, you can instantly do 10 night night synthesis.
It is reported that, including engineers, testers, etc., vivo has more than 2,000 professional quality control team to complete a test of all X7 at least 45000 hours of labor.

Development and Reform Commission on the high-pass antitrust investigation objectively launched the curtain of China’s intellectual property protection, and patent protection awareness and international standards, not only can enhance the overall innovation capacity of domestic mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers to enter the world is also a great boost.
Wang Yanhui told reporters.


IPhone 7 motherboard spy photos first exposure: A10 processor changes greatly

After the first exposure of the iPhone 7 engineering machine, @ GeekBar founder Lei Ge today at noon and exclusive exposure of the iPhone 7 motherboard spy photos.
From the spy photos, iPhone 7 motherboard layout adjustment is not large, still 6 / 6s style, but after all, not a professional, I can not determine whether there is any minor adjustments.
According to @ GeekBar founder Lei Ge’s argument, the A1O processor compared to the past, a great change, and the baseband structure has changed, but unfortunately, he did not give a detailed description.

It seems that the iPhone7 is the same appearance, the internal changes will be very large?

iPhone 7 motherboard spy first exposure

iPhone 7 Board spy first exposure

iPhone 7 Board spy first exposure

iPhone 7 Board spy first exposure