Disc frame using a range of Rhea

Pankou scaffolding applications: all kinds of competitions and performances, large and medium-sized party, indoor and outdoor large publishing activities, large audio equipment into linear suspension, and other large audio equipment, light aircraft. The following construction scope:

1, building template engineering (including Luqiao construction) support;

2, high and low buildings used in the construction of the external wall scaffolding and ship repair industry inside and outside scaffolding;

3, decoration engineering and construction and installation work platform;

4, concerts, sports, exhibition and other makeshift stage, balcony, advertising frame building;

5, the construction unit flow shed;

6, large, medium and small warehouse shelves (three-dimensional shelf).

Pankou Leiya frame principle by casting or stamping welding wheel on the column bar are connected by a rail head and a column on the wheel, fixed by the pin piece. Installation of large need to use diagonal reinforcement

Features: easy to install and disassemble, only need to use a hammer or hammer to fix the fixed.

The parts are not easy to be lost, and the pins are fixed on the cross rods by rivets, and can not be lost.

Good stability, widely used in bridge casting support, construction, stage background, lighting and other fields.

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