How to calculate the area of mobile scaffolding?

How to calculate the area of portal scaffolding? The template support frame (a frame) of many conditions should ensure that along the vertical rod axis (including plane x, y two direction) of each row and each column grid structure of each layer has a vertical rod, the side chain can also choose add rod and structural columns, wall connected or using lattice column method. Double row scaffolding X direction along the longitudinal axis to form two meshes of many invariant conditions can be selected each layer is provided with a rod, in the direction of Y axis to the common analysis and wall supporting effect: when two vertical rods between the diagonal, vertical rod length is equal to 10 Accounting pull the wall between the interval when straight; two vertical rods between the vertical rod and an inclined rod length is equal to 10 Accounting pole spacing between nodes.

The movable scaffold structure mainly refers to the three parts of the working layer, the transverse frame and the longitudinal frame. The working layer is directly bearing the construction load, the load is transferred from the foot board to the small cross bar, and then transmitted to the cross bar and the column. The transverse frame is composed of a vertical rod and a small cross bar, which is a part of the direct bearing and transferring vertical load of the mobile scaffold. Mobile scaffolding is a temporary structure for the construction of the materials, materials and construction operations, is an important auxiliary facilities for construction operations. Mobile scaffolding scaffolding area is very strict calculation, which is the problem of detail, all aspects of security, so that the construction unit at ease, peace of mind.

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