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Based on the calculation of the amount of the amount of the project outside the frame S= (11+0.24+5+0.24) * 2 * (3.48+0.2) x 1.05=127.36m2 patio masonry walls around, if need to take off the shelf

(1) calculate the scaffold engineering quantity is b = 2.5m short side courtyard by long edge width multiplied by the height multiplied by the coefficient 1.2;

(2) the short side width patio at 2.5m3.5m, according to the general calculation of external scaffolding. 1.6 independent brick column, the roof of the chimney scaffolding according to its circumference and 3.6m multiplied by the height of the calculation. 1.7 in the case of the following, according to the calculation of the single anti scaffolding: 1.7.1 1.7.3 of the external wall height of 16m, there is no construction organization design requirements; 1.7.2 independent brick column and the chimney of the prominent roof; brick wall. 1.8 in case of the following circumstances, according to the calculation of double row scaffolding. 1.8.1 wall eaves height more than 16m; the 1.8.2 frame structure between the exterior wall; 1.8.3 outer wall with complex art form (art form ministry area accounted for more than 30% of the total area, wall) or walls above the plinth plastering area (including windows and doors, exterior area) accounted for a total area of more than 25%, or the area for windows and doors more than 40% of the total area of exterior wall; 1.8.4 cavity wall (no external wall); 1.8.5 (including stone retaining walls, stone walls), big hole concrete block wall, wall height of more than 1.2m; 1.8.6 construction organization design has clear provisions. 1.9 same buildings have different height, respectively according to different height calculation of external scaffolding; the walls of different heights, calculated according to the corresponding height of the scaffolding outside the building; as from the floor or the surface of their day, or day should be calculated from floor surface. 1.10 where the thickness of two brick (490mm) above the brick wall, according to the double scaffolding calculation, such as no provisions of construction organization design: less than 3.6m in height of the wall, a calculation by a single exclusive scaffolding, the other side according to the calculation in the scaffold; the height of 3.6m above the wall, according to the calculation of outside scaffold. According to the calculation of surface in the inner wall by double scaffolding; corresponding calculation in the scaffold height. 1.11 in the old buildings on the floor: add two layers, the outer wall scaffolding.

(3) the provisions of the points multiplied by the coefficient of 0.5; plus layer above the level of two, calculated in accordance with the above method, not multiplied by the coefficient.

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