Pankou scaffolding can take a ton of number square

The general in 70 square meters! Pankou scaffold with self-locking function. The main component is a vertical rod and a cross node, reasonable structure, pole axial force, and the scaffold overall three-dimensional structure in high strength, good stability, and has the function of self-locking is reliable, can effectively improve the overall stability of the scaffolding strength and safety, can better meet the needs of construction safety. The utility model has the advantages of quick and easy disassembly, labor saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, high universality, high bearing capacity, high safety, high efficiency, no loss, convenient management, easy transportation, etc..

On the construction of scaffolding scaffolding

1, early should do the construction design special support system, and by the general contractor of line positioning, the supporting system of vertical and horizontal, to ensure that the late scissors and the overall link set, to ensure the overall stability and anti overturning stability.

2, the wheel buckle scaffolding installation foundation must be compacted and take concrete hardening measures.

The elevation range, 3 wheel buckle scaffolding beam plate should use the same height, the height and span of a single component support frame is used for larger tensile bar and a vertical rod axial pressure (critical force) checking, ensure the stability and safety of the body frame.

4, after the completion of the erection of the frame body to add enough scissors, in between jacking frame body and the distance to the creation of 300-500mm bar horizontal bar enough, its overall stability can be ensured;

5, China’s Ministry of construction no wheel buckle scaffolding industry standards and norms issued, but has been widely used in the construction site, of course, I hope the relevant departments to formulate corresponding norms, so that the wheel buckle scaffolding in the correct use of a reliable basis.

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Pankou scaffolding with steel fasteners which have different

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High altitude work fast loading type movable scaffold

The installation of high speed mobile scaffolding is very important, the adaptability of the mobile scaffolding: (1) the construction of stereotypes scaffolding; (2) as the beam, plate frame support (vertical load); (3) the construction of the movable table.

Advantages: (1) door type steel pipe scaffold geometry standardization. (2) the structure is reasonable, the mechanical performance is good, the full use of the steel strength, high bearing capacity. (3) construction pack down easily, the erection of high efficiency, labour saving, safe and reliable, economical and applicable.

Disadvantages: (1) frame size without any flexibility, any change in the dimensions of the door frame must be changed by another model and its accessories; (2) the cross bracing in hinge point easily broken; (3) setting scaffold heavier; (4) the price is more expensive;

As long as the construction of attention:


Sweeping bar missing, and junction is not connected, sweeping shot from the distance is too large or too small; a scaffold, the thickness is not enough, did not meet the specifications overlap; large template removal between inside the pole and the wall thickness is not anti falling net; scissors in the plane is not continuous;

Open scaffold

The opening of the scaffold is not inclined to support; foot board under the small cross bar spacing is too large; even the wall did not do internal and external rigid connection; protective railing spacing is greater than 600mm; fastener connection is not tight, fastener slip, etc..

Mobile scaffolding scaffolding:

Door type mobile scaffolding erection height

Chengdu high-end mobile scaffolding company

The difference between the portal and the scaffold

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How to use scaffolding and fasteners

The movable scaffold fastener used to play a strong role, in the construction project for the outside diameter for steel pipe scaffold 48mm diameter fixed fastener, divided into rectangular fastener (cross directional fastener fastener) rotary fastener (universal movable fastener fastener) (a fastener directly butt fastener fastener) etc..

Mobile scaffolding building is generally 1:1:8 ratio, that is to say with the 8 rectangular fastener, with 1 butt joint fastener and rotating fastener, there are customers with a steel fasteners according to the number of actual experience for every meter of steel scaffolding. Bridge construction is somewhat different, building two days ago we just take the steel and iron four Bureau signed a contract as an example: the scaffolding of China Railway four Bureau to the 80000 sets to 90000 sets of right angle fastener, rotating fastener, fastener docking a no, when our general manager Li Hong was puzzled by the conventional fly, not so much to the rotating fastener, fastener docking is indispensable in the construction. Careful to ask the customer is not a mistake in the ratio of the model – the customer has repeatedly stressed that, yes, we do not butt bridge construction fasteners. How can we make the use of scaffolding and fasteners to achieve a suitable proportion of our daily construction of the appropriate proportion of the following: generally a ton of steel pipe with 180 – 200 fasteners. The construction of the fastener and the proportion of scaffolding and the amount is not the same, this is only a proportion of the general, we are in line with the principle of suitable for construction. If you encounter any problems in the construction can consult us, customer service staff will be the first time to answer your questions.

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Leiya frame erection erection stage requirements

Frame assembly stage Rhea erection requirements as build require any scaffolding, all is to pay great attention to details. And preparatory work must be prepared properly and logically arranged. To obey the rules and regulations and the relevant personnel, can not be amended without authorization; if you want to make changes, should be approved by the relevant personnel in order to further construction and completion. Construction workers should take a certificate.

Scaffolding stage frame erection requirements:

(1) the use of Pankou type scaffolding scaffold, the height is less than 24m, more than 24m, must also design. The user can choose according to the requirements of the frame body size, adjacent horizontal bar step distance should choose 2m, vertical pole distance should choose 1.5m or 1.8m, and less than 2.1m, vertical rod spacing should choose 0.9m or 1.2m.

(2) at the bottom of the vertical rod should be equipped with adjustable base, the first layer of the vertical rod should be staggered with different length of the vertical pole, the wrong opening of the vertical distance of 500mm.

(3) diagonal rod or scissors brace: along the outer side of the frame of each longitudinal span of each layer should be set up a vertical pole or every 5 between the steel pipe should be set up to support the scissors, the end of the cross section of each layer should be set up a vertical diagonal bar 5.

(4) even the wall: even the wall should be set in accordance with the following requirements: 1 the wall must be used under rigid rod tension and compression load, wall and wall facade and scaffold should keep vertical, like a layer of the wall should be on the same plane, the horizontal spacing should be less than 3 cross with the main structure, the outer side of the distance 300mm.

Meta stage stage:

The real aircraft parts manufacturers where the best?
What is Lei Yajia’s offer?
Comparison of difference between Rhea and scaffolding frame

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How to set up the transformation of the external wall scaffo

The use of external scaffolding construction has many kinds, the floor is not very high on the use of mobile scaffolding, the operation is more convenient, with the wall back and forth rotation, the higher floors need scaffolding, more convenient and safe construction.

Set up several steps:

1, support rod type cantilever scaffold requirements

The supporting rod type cantilever scaffold erection need to control the use of load, set to be firm. Erection should be erected in the shelf, the cross bar extending outside the wall, then the diagonal rod is fixedly connected with the pick up bar, then the erection of cantilever part, Pu scaffold board, peripheral to railings and block feet, the support of a safety net, to ensure safety.

2, the wall parts

According to the size of the axis of the building, in the horizontal direction every 3 spans (6m). In the vertical direction should be set every 3~4 meters, and require each point staggered, the formation of plum shaped layout, even the wall piece of the method and the same type of scaffolding.

3, vertical control

Erection, we must strictly control the verticality of the segmented scaffolding, vertical allowable deviation:

4, foot board laying

The scaffolding should be covered with wooden scaffolding, scaffolding of the perforated light layer can be covered with a thin sheet.

5, safety protection facilities

Each layer of the scaffold shall be provided with a guardrail and a baseboard.

The outer side and bottom surface of the scaffold shall be closed with a dense mesh safety net.

The connection between the cantilever beam and the cantilever beam (or longitudinal beam).

Should be in the pick beam (or longitudinal) on the welding of 150~200mm long steel pipe, the outer diameter of the scaffolding than the inner diameter of the small 1.0~1.5mm, with a fastener connection, while the lower part of the vertical rod set 1~2 road sweeping rod to ensure the stability of the shelf.

6, cantilever beam and wall structure connection

Should be buried in advance of iron pieces or holes, to ensure reliable connection, not to dig holes, destroy the wall.

7, diagonal rod (rope)

The diagonal rod (rope) shall be provided with a tightening device so that the draw rod can bear the load after tightening.

8, steel bracket

Steel bracket welding should ensure the welding seam height, quality meet the requirements.

Meta scaffolding:

Chrysanthemum button scaffold scaffold for shipbuilding

The main scope of the application of the top film scaffold

The high scaffolding scaffolding, which features

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Where is the Hangzhou Q235, scaffolding sell?

Hangzhou Q235 disc scaffolding where to sell? Not necessarily in the local Hangzhou have Pankou scaffolding sell. Yuan Billiton group is a choice, the headquarters is located in Hunan, the provincial capital of Changsha, its production base all over the country, the strength should not be underestimated, just a few years has become a leader in the field of scaffolding. Heavy support ottohelix Pankou type series of scaffolding and ottohelix, is mainly composed of a circular disk with vertical rod, bar head bar, with cable-stayed head helical rod, rod, starting three tripod, wedge pin.

Support system, scaffolding and ottohelix is developed by our company including a number of patented products, and the market compared to other scaffolding and formwork products, has the following advantages:

(1) Pankou architecture after galvanizing surface parts processing, more than fifteen years of life;

(2) low cost, high efficiency, less basic components, modular design, construction and demolition of labor costs greatly reduced;

(3) high strength steel, the mechanical design is reasonable, the maximum load of the vertical rod is 200KN;

(4) compared with the bowl buckle scaffold, it can save more than 2\/3 steel;

(5) design and development of the company to provide customers with higher security and efficiency.

(6) the application scope is broad, the main application object is the construction enterprise, the decoration enterprise, the leasing enterprise, the product propaganda unit and so on. The utility model is widely used in the construction of the inner and outer frame, the cast-in-place beam, the formwork support, the scaffold, the bridge and the erection of the stage.

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5 meters high mobile scaffolding prices

Mobile scaffolding is a section set up, if the building height of 5 meters, need to use more mobile scaffolding, buy mobile scaffolding are the same price, can you buy more or less quantity. Mobile scaffolding to buy a set of more than 100, and much cheaper.

Mobile scaffolding (door type scaffolding) are the main frame, cross frame, cross diagonal brace, foot board, adjustable base and other components. The cross rod is also called the diagonal pull rod, and is a cross connecting rod which is vertically connected with the two door frames. The part of both ends of the rod part is punched with a pin hole, and the locking pin on the vertical rod of the door and the frame is locked when assembling. Surface treatment: electroplating (cold galvanized), zinc (Galvanized) casters: also known as the wheel, can be installed in the mobile scaffolding is composed of mobile scaffolding. Can be used as mechanical and electrical installation. Paint. Equipment maintenance. The activities of advertising work platform. 6 inch casters with brakes, is easy to use. Safe and reliable mobile and flexible.

Mobile scaffolding was first developed by the United States, to the early 60s, Europe, Japan and other countries have applied and developed such scaffolding. It has simple assembly and disassembly, bearing performance, the use of safe and reliable, fast development, mobile scaffolding scaffolding in a variety of new development, the earliest, most use in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, their use accounted for 50% of all kinds of scaffolding. Since the end of 70s, China has introduced and used this kind of scaffolding from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries.

Mobile scaffolding scaffolding:

Chengdu high-end mobile scaffolding company

How much is a portal scaffolding?

The difference between the portal and the scaffold

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Scaffolding Safety channel erection standard

Scaffolding in the erection will have a safe corridor, safe passage is to prevent accidental temporary setting of the place, this is very important, set up a lot of attention.

The pedestrian walkway can be attached to the building and can be attached to the outside of the scaffold, but the rod of the channel must be set independently. Stand below 6m should adopt the word type frame high above 6m ramps should adopt the zigzag chute. Chute construction should comply with the following requirements: 1, pedestrian ramps should be not less than 1m width, slope should adopt the 1:3 (high: long); 2, corner should be set platform width not less than the width of the chute. 3, both sides and the outer ramps must be railing and block feet. The height of the railing is 1.2m, the height of the board should not be less than 150mm. 4, the foot board must be according to the width of the scaffolding full shop, the board and the board between the tight, the foot of the horizontal paving, should be in the horizontal horizontal bar under the vertical support rod, vertical support rod spacing should not be greater than 500mm. 5, pedestrian ramps planks on every 250 ~ 300mm set a cleat, wood thickness should be 20 ~ 30mm. 6, the entrance door is not less than 1.8 meters high, must be openings on both sides of hanging safety warning signs, ramps must set the dense mesh.

Meta scaffolding:

Chrysanthemum button scaffold scaffold for shipbuilding

The main scope of the application of the top film scaffold

The high scaffolding scaffolding, which features

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Chrysanthemum button scaffold scaffold for shipbuilding

Chrysanthemum button scaffold imported from Europe in the last century in 80s, it is novel and beautiful chrysanthemum button disc connecting bar, pipe through the hammer insert the arc surface on the joint rod and the vertical connecting plate type scaffolding with mechanical strength and reliable self-locking performance, and rapid assembly, labor saving, avoid the bolt operation and scattered fastener, reduce labor intensity, good stability, high strength, and multi function and construction efficiency is very fast, and widely used in engineering, scaffold light frame, shipbuilding, stage, indoor and outdoor decoration etc.. Shipbuilding ship is widely used in the shipbuilding industry in the shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding, steel structure during the construction of scaffolding erection, use, inspection, demolition and management, etc..

Pankou scaffolding and scaffolding are shipbuilding chrysanthemum with multi function, high efficiency, easy, safe and reliable, high bearing capacity, good comprehensive benefits and so on.

Chrysanthemum button scaffold disc scaffolding specifications are as follows:












With 48*3.25*3000

Cross bar


With 48*3.25*2500

Inclined bar




With 48*3.25*2500


With 48*3.25*2000




With 48*3.25*2000


With 48*3.25*1800




With 48*3.25*1500


With 48*3.25*1500




With 48*3.25*1000


With 48*3.25*1200




With 48*3.25*500


With 48*3.25*1000

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Scaffolding door ladder in various countries

The technical level of scaffolding in China is very different from that in japan. Japan steel template factory has only 2-3, but the door scaffolding factory and accessories factory has more than and 450. Japan in 50s to a single pipe fastener scaffolding, due to the continuous occurrence of casualties, in 60s to promote the use of a large number of portal scaffolding. Because the scaffolding is convenient for assembly and disassembly, bearing performance, safe and reliable, especially for the safe use of scaffolding labor provisions, the scaffolding scaffolding construction has become the leading enterprise, in all kinds of scaffolding, its consumption accounted for about 50%, Japan attaches great importance to the safety of the scaffold, according to different engineering requirements by different use scaffolding and support, can provide a good working environment and ensure the safety of construction for construction workers, there are strict requirements of railings and fencing around the scaffolding, scaffolding joint between not seamless, prevent debris fall wounding, according to pull design industry will be introduced in the past 10 years, Japan is not due to the scaffold quality the safety problem caused casualties, it is really not easy.

1 product safety. Especially the scaffolding and scaffolding and other products, not only in the design requirements of convenient assembly and disassembly, more safe and reliable, in scaffolding, surrounded by railings and fencing must be safe, there can be no gap between the scaffold joint, to prevent debris falling wounding.

2 product diversification. Different types of engineering construction can use different types of templates and scaffolding. In civil engineering, in addition to the steel formwork, design special steel template according to various requirements of different projects, such as roads, bridges, dams template template template, template, template, the chimney shaft tunnel template, and has reached the standard design. In addition, there are wood plywood template, steel frame or aluminum frame plywood, plastic templates, etc.. More types of scaffolding, there are a variety of frame scaffolding, scaffolding scaffolding, fastener type scaffolding and special scaffolding, can be used in accordance with the requirements of the project.

3 light products. The aging of the template workers in Japan, therefore, must reduce the labor intensity of construction workers, building templates, scaffolding design tends to light people, easy assembly and disassembly, beautiful appearance, to continue to develop new products. As the thickness of the steel plate of profiled steel scaffolding developed for 1.2mm, each 3 meters long board weighs only 10. 5KG, each 3 meters long Aluminum Alloy scaffolding weighs only 7. 8KG.

4 environmental requirements of the product. Japan’s environmental requirements are very high, the disposal of waste templates, scaffolding to meet environmental requirements. According to reports, due to taking into account the wood plywood damage after treatment will affect the environment, so the steel frame and the use of steel template template more and more large.

Door scaffolding:

Which is good?

Rules for the setting up of scissors for portal scaffolding

What is the height of the gantry mounted aluminum scaffolding?

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