Pankou galvanized scaffolding engineering case

Pankou scaffolding service life is much higher than the scaffolding, generally can be used for more than 10 years, because there is no bolt connection. The components are damaged by impact, even if the rust does not affect the use of the assembly. Practice shows that as the beam span within 15m, clearance layer height below 12m single span and multi span continuous beam and frame structure building formwork support system, its stability and security in the scaffolding, scaffolding is better than.

Disc scaffolding in the history of the development of the scaffold to achieve the three first: “first” to achieve a steel scaffold without any special locking parts in structure; “the first” achieved in the steel pipe scaffold without any moving parts; “the first” for the realization of China’s overall scaffold independent intellectual property rights. This product has been welcomed by users at home and abroad, and domestic Luqiao, municipal, housing construction and other units used in foreign Thailand outer ring road viaduct, Sultan Merowe Dam, extensive use of domestic construction of Shenyang Avenue overpass, Beijing Military Museum, the Tiananmen in Beijing, Zhengzhou-Xi’an passenger line, Wuhan Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line, Harbin Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Yunnan passenger line, Kunming Century City project.

This product in 2005 was included in the “Selected Technologies of building products application products”, this is the second won the “Chinese gold patent” and “patent China special award”, “national scientific and technological achievements, the patent technology options recommended for international exchange project” and other honors have certainly again.

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