Qingdao Leiya rack accessories price

Leiya frame is used to set the stage for the shelf, Rhea frame price of about 60 yuan a few.

Name: layer frame \/ grid

Warranty period: 1 years

Material: steel structure + surface plating

Size: 2m*2m

Packing: steel packing

Application: all kinds of competitions and performances, large and medium-sized party, indoor and outdoor large-scale publishing activities, large audio equipment, hanging into the array, such as large audio equipment, lighting rack.

Performance description: the use of steel profiles, the surface after galvanizing treatment, easy installation, reasonable structure.

Production period: conventional spot

Deposit: 40%

Tail payment: paragraph to delivery

The structure of the utility model is characterized in that the structure of the utility model adopts a common fulcrum structure, the connection is firm and stable, and the high-strength material is adopted.

Appearance: the appearance of solid as grid network, the highest record can be built to a height of 50 meters, is a large outdoor best performance equipment, convenient suspension lighting and sound equipment, build a fast, safe and stable, can be assembled to build, transport, does not occupy a position. Storage and handling (can be disassembled and assembled, can be piled up and transported, small space).

Column: 2 meters, material GB Q235, tube of 48.3*3.2mm cold galvanized,

Bar: 2 meters, pipe material GB Q235, Phi 48*3.2mm, cold galvanized,

Cable: 2.5 meters, pipe material GB Q235, Phi 48*2.5mm, cold galvanized,

Cable: 2.8 meters, pipe material GB Q235, Phi 48*2.5mm, cold galvanized

Leiya frame mainly includes: column, bar and rod, the other with adjustable base. Column conventional 2 m \/ root, according to the root price. Can also be customized according to customer requirements of various sizes.
(1) the real stage frame size: 1.22 meters *2.44 meters, the stage height of 0.8 meters -1.3 meters, the height can be adjusted within this range. (2) Leiya frame light frame: specification of 2 meters *2 meters, can also be customized according to customer requirements in size. A light frame comprises an upright column frame Leiya, rail and cable-stayed, with adjustable base.
(3) Leiya frame scaffolding, size 2 m *2 M. The steel pipe is made of Q235 material, the pipe wall thickness and diameter can be customized according to customer requirements.

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