Single mobile scaffolding can take up to a few layers?

Single mobile scaffolding can take up to a few layers? Mobile scaffolding is generally less than two meters on the floor, fixed up to 12 meters can reach four. The single mobile scaffolding can take up to twenty meters of this argument, in fact, is not absolutely denied, but it will be relatively safe, so it is not recommended that the construction unit to take up to twenty meters. Moreover, a story is to look at the project needs, quality and value of mobile scaffolding is relatively good quality, take the high point will be relatively safe, cheap mobile scaffolding is not recommended for use.

The extension of the mobile scaffolding scaffolding door value, quality is immeasurable. Ottohelix group was founded in 1998, 2010 to enter the field of scaffolding, ottohelix group now has eight subsidiaries and four production base, production base mainly concentrated in Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region in the world with the highest degree of steel raw materials, ottohelix scaffolding and scaffolding products such as disc has become the first in the industry, has become the leading brand of Chinese scaffolding. Is currently the most influential manufacturers in the market, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales, logistics in one of the world’s scaffolding manufacturing center, the world’s first manufacturer of steel foot board. Therefore, the quality of mobile scaffolding is not to be underestimated, it is a process of each of the strict screening and production, and after the national test can be put into use.

Mobile scaffolding scaffolding:

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