What scaffolding used in Decoration Engineering

Decorative scaffolding used in the project is divided into many types, the general use of the existing: aluminum scaffolding, buckle disc scaffolding, bowl buckle scaffolding, door type steel scaffolding, fastener scaffolding. The most common is the fastener scaffold, mainly because of various advantages of fastener scaffold simple maintenance and long service life and low cost, occupied more than 70% of the domestic market China City, and have larger development space. The door type scaffolding, bowl buckle scaffolding, such as the use of municipal, bridges and other small projects. Scaffolding manufacturers in the production of fastener type scaffolding is also a great advantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of fastener scaffold

1, advantages

1) large bearing capacity. When the scaffolding geometry and structure comply with the relevant requirements, under normal circumstances, the bearing capacity of 15kN ~ 35kN of the single column scaffold (1.5tf ~ 3.5tf, design value).

2) easy to install and disassemble, set up flexible. Because the length of the steel tube is easy to adjust and the fastener is convenient to connect, the utility model can be used for various buildings and structures with various planes and elevations.

3, compared with the economy, the processing is simple, and the investment cost is low; if the geometric dimensions of the scaffold are carefully designed, and the utilization rate of the steel tube is improved, the material consumption can also obtain better economic effect. Fastener steel pipe frame equivalent to 15 square meters per square meter of construction steel.

2, disadvantages

1 fasteners (especially its screw) is easy to lose; bolt tightening torque should not be less than 40N * m, and should not be greater than 65N (m);

2, the member of the joint is eccentric connection, and the load and internal force are transferred by the anti slide force, thus reducing the bearing capacity;

3 the quality of fastener joints is significantly affected by the quality of the fastener itself and the operation of the workers.

Fastener scaffolding:

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